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The G8's work on the concept of Impact Investing clarified the term "Social Impact Investing" which describes companies that pursue their social mission while seeking profitability.
These companies require investor support to grow. It was very positive that the G7 investors (following Russia's exclusion) represented in the work group included the specific concept of these social missions in their strategic vision. "Impact" investing is defined as an investment that targets companies whose objective (mission) is to solve or meet a social challenge (social and/or environmental) while seeking a degree of financial stability.
The fact that all of the attendees approved this definition and the recommendations associated with the governments involved are an opportunity for investors seeking to give meaning to their investments. The European and French legal frameworks have adapted to these new needs (the SSE law in France and the EuSEF regulation included in the Social Business Initiative in Brussels). We hope that you will support us by joining the community of investors that supports us today.

Olivier de Guerre - Chairman of PhiTrust Partenaires


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  • 18th July 2016- The  12th edition of the EVPA Annual Conference is scheduled on the 3rd and 4th November 2016 in Paris. Registrations are now open, we look forward to seeing you there ! For more information : click here.
  • 9thfebruary 2016 -  EIB Institure is organising the fifth edition of its Social Innovation Tournament to promotes the generation of innovative ideas and rewards initiatives that fight against social exclusion. For details on the 2016 Social Innovation Tournament please visit the Tournament's website.
  • 1st february 2016 -  Tagattitude receives the Kalahari Best Technology Enabler Platform Award:  this price rewards the best Fintech of the year in the industry of the Digital Mobile Bank and the international transfer of money.
  • 22nd october 2015 - You are a social entrepreneur fighting fuel poverty? Don’t miss the opportunity to scale your #socbiz! #TackleFuelPoverty http://bit.ly/1Q3xne7
  • 16th october 2015 - L'Echo and De Tijd, in Belgium, Highlight the "Impact investing" click here to read the interview of Olivier de Guerre and Xavier Declève.
  • 22nd  september 2015 - Register to the Awards Ceremony of  " Reporters d'Espoirs" - Monday 12 october 2015 at 6:30 pm, Palais d'Iéna, Paris. Click here.
  • 27 august 2015 - September 7 at 2:30 pm into the Palais Brongniart, come and listen to Olivier de Guerre speaking in the workshop organized by Convergences and GIIN :
    "Impact investing and environmental performance: developing global standards"



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